Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars Cheats For PC Macintosh Linux

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars Cheats For PC Macintosh Linux

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Master of Orion – A Linux Game

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Master Of Orion 2016 Review PC (Ubuntu Linux)

We review Master Of Orion 2016 and what this 4X space strategy game has to offer with Penguin Recordings as your host!

While Master of Orion 20160 is the latest iteration of MoO from NGD Studios. Master of Orion 20160is available for all three major computer platforms, including MacOS, Windows and Linux.

In this review video, I take a look at several areas of the Linux gameplay review. These include the turn-based combat and battle system, the turn-based gameplay and graphics.

If you love turn-based games like Civilization. And you have an eye for space themed games and love 4X games. Therefore Master of Orion 20160 may just be your next game.

While I’m Penguin Recordings, the guest host for this video review on Linux Game Consortium. I hope you enjoy the video and get something useful out of it!

The written review:

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Yes, you can cheat in Master of Orion II. Yes, there are consequences.

I have very fond memories of Master of Orion 2, but this 25-year-old game has cheat codes and consequences if you use them.

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About this game:
Forge an empire in a universe where population growth is stripping away planetary resources. Colonize unknown planets and trade with other races for their knowledge.
The need for galactic expansion is critical. You must conquer alien star systems to secure the resources that will guarantee your supremacy. The ultimate goal is to defeat the evil Antarans. They lurk in the coldest reaches of space, warmed by one all-consuming passion… Revenge!

One of the best 4X games ever created
Absolutely addictive gameplay with a powerful “just one more turn” factor
Tactical ship combat, galaxy-spanning strategy, 60 technology fields, advanced diplomacy and much more

Where to get this game:
Master of Orion 2 on Steam:
Master of Orion 2 on GoG:

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Let’s play Master of Orion #1: Sakkras on impossible/medium galaxy

I am back for another round of MoO!

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