Among Us Players Are Roleplaying As Security Guards

Among Us Players Are Roleplaying As Security Guards

They’ll protect you…unless they’re impostors.

Worlds Best Security Guard (Among Us + Other Roles)

Among Us with the Id1ots for High3r.

You CAN’T PROTECT, Any of Them! Playing as SECURITY GUARD in The Other Roles mod of Among Us

Another day, another Crewmate-related role in The Other Roles mod. This time, I get to play Security Guard which could place cameras and seal vents. That ability should help Crewmate by making the kill is harder to do and the killer can’t vent freely. The real question is “Can I, as Security Guard, do what my ability is capable of and also bring Crewmate into win condition?”

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Playing Among Us as a security guard ( playing with the Wolfpack)

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I can see EVERYTHING with the NEW Security Guard role… (custom mod)

Toast plays the new security guard role, where he is able to use his special skillset to watch everything happening on the map using his custom security cameras. Will he catch any sus activity quick enough before being taken out by the impostors.

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